About Generica

We have been operating in the Slovak market since 1995 as one of the leading specialists for the development and production of food supplements. All of our 52 employees utilize the latest scientific advancements in the innovation and development of products as well as manufacturing technology. Thanks to this and the number of satisfied customers, we have become the largest company in our field in the domestic market, and we have also been successfully exporting our products.


As a responsible company, we aim to fulfil current needs without putting future generations at risk. We consider it our mission to offer products of the highest quality, support healthy lifestyle and follow the latest trends in the field. We strive to encourage our customers to develop a responsible attitude to their own health, since we regard this as the foundation for a better and more active life.


Earning the trust of our customers is invaluable and absolutely indispensable. To this end, we have implemented a strict code of ethics in all countries of operation.

The ethical code consists of five key points:

  1. conscientious and responsible attitude,
  2. diligence,
  3. support of healthy lifestyle,
  4. protecting the environment,
  5. following the latest trends in the field.


We make every effort to ensure that we stand out thanks to our approach and the high quality of our products. For this purpose we have decided to always provide something extra that makes us stand above the average:

  • We continually strive to assist our customers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Our primary goal is to meet our customers╩╝ needs and requirements.
  • Our team consists of leading specialists in the development and production of food supplements, also confirmed by our certificates and awards.
  • We care about correct and transparent relationships with all our business partners, whether suppliers or distributors.
  • Our company has implemented integrated management system standards according to the internationally acclaimed certifications ISO 9001:2008 and┬áISO 14001:2004.