Company Policies

Generica’s company policies aim to achieve and maintain the high quality and safety of its products and services, all the while taking the impacts on the environment into consideration.

In order to fulfil the needs and expectations of our customers, we strive to develop and maintain an integrated management system and consistently fulfil the requirements laid down by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 22000:2005, including:

  • clearly defining the areas of competence, responsibilities and mutual relations among all the employees within the company,
  • documenting and continuously improving the working process in all areas of production,
  • verifying that technological regulations are adhered to and in accordance with the latest norms and legislation,
  • identifying and evaluating risks – from the purchase of raw materials, supplementary materials and packaging materials, through manufacturing and storage, to the sale of products to customers,
  • introducing a system for monitoring and control during the production process and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points),
  • communicating crucial information concerning product safety within the organization, as well as to customers, technical and control bodies, suppliers and contract partners,
  • keeping a record of any possible deficiencies, analysing and solving their causes in order to prevent deficient products,
  • identifying any problems in the field of quality and health safety, and subsequently eliminating these,
  • motivating employees on all levels in order to achieve high-quality performance,
  • creating a suitable work environment for teamwork,
  • differentiating compensation based on the results achieved within a required time frame and quality,
  • providing product innovation based on the increasing needs and requirements of customers,
  • ensuring continuous qualification of our employees on all levels of management, acquiring skills and professional development,
  • monitoring the management system for the purpose of permanent efficiency,
  • implementing precautionary principles in order to forego undesirable conditions and situations,
  • adhering to legislative requirements in the area of environmental protection,
  • registering and minimizing waste generation that arises during the company’s operation,
  • executing waste assessment prior to disposal,
  • introducing and utilizing technologies and materials with minimal impact on the environment – above all in the case of our products as well as their packaging,
  • reducing as well as optimizing the use of energy, materials, water and gas,
  • informing the public about the importance of environment protection.